Candace is a Master Life & Energy Coach & Holistic Therapist, doing mind/body/spiritual/neuro-emotional healing, including massage, hypnotherapy, coaching, motivational speaking, private and group tele sessions. Her professional background includes a Masters and PhD, but is a lifelong student and feels she has learned more through taking ongoing trainings and seminars.

       Candace is certified in Rapid Resolution Therapy addressing trauma, The Reconnection by Eric Pearl, the Passion Test, B.E.S.T. Elite Master (Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique) which releases subconscious emotional blocks that she combines with a combination of massage modalities, and her own Burton Mindpower Release, which is a discreet and rapid tapping technique. She uses her mind to maintain optimum health (not even a cold or flu in over 25 years) and happiness in spite of major life challenges.


        With her extensive background in working with the mind and the Law of Attraction for over 27 years, her passion is to empower YOU! She will teach you how to use Your Mindpower to be happy, healthy and abundant in all areas of your life, no matter what the situation.

She is currently doing private sessions in person and by phone and group tele sessions worldwide. Her current tele seminar begins this Thursday,  February 23rd, 2017, at 12noonET for four Thursdays: “Love Actually: How to Get the Love You TRULY Want in All Areas!”


         Please contact her to join on a telephone line from anywhere in the world!

I am available to assist you in achieving peace, happiness, passion, and manifesting desires. Neuro-emotional balancing, hypnosis, subconscious releasing, and body work clear psychological blocks, fears, phobias, dis-ease and disease. 

Her current teleseminar begins today Wednesday, March 1 from 9-9:30am PT/12-12:30ET, which is a FREE PREVIEW SERIES for 3 Wednesdays of “LOVE ACTUALLY:  How to Get the Love You TRULY Want (from Everybody!)”  She will have a different Love Expert speaking each Wednesday.  Register NOW at and bring friends!

Dr Candace Burton

Contact me for a Complimentary Exploration Session to discover the most efficient direction to take. Once you understand your Mindpower, you will see you truly can get the results you seek!

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