Reward Housing Foundation

We strongly believe in a world where people can  live and work in peace. We believe in a world where people can work and afford healthcare, home and education.

According to the National Coalition for the Homeless the causes of homelessness are:

- Poverty

- Eroding Work Opportunities and Housing

- Decline in Public Assistance

- Lack of Affordable Health Care

- Mental Illness

- Addiction Disorders

- Housing affordability

 Reward Housing Foundation goal is to help homeless in a very unique way. We want to help them have  a ROOF, EDUCATION and WORK in order  to help them achieve REHABILITATION and DIGNITY.


While respecting their free will Reward Housing Foundation  works on each different issue

of each individual

One of Poverty causes are lack of education, lack of money, lack of . And some people will add lack of “chance or opportunity”

Positive Psychology, Education, Mentorship, Roof to have back dignity

Suivez nous

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