Allison Victoria Olson

Happiness and the Secret Power of Love

Author, Spiritual & Love Consultant, Teacher

Allison is dedicated in changing the world for the positive by being a voice for the power of love.  She teaches how to use love daily as a spiritual tool, to have more happiness in your life.  She believes in empowering people, especially women.  She has been asked to teach several times at “The Wild Women Symposium” as a facilitator.  She learned about love’s power when she spent years feeling unhappy, unlovable or loving.  This propelled her to find the keys to live a happy and love filled life.  As an author, international consultant and teacher, she has witnessed the life changing power, love offers to those who use it.  You can find on amazon her ebook, “Discover Love the Secret Power of You”.

The sky's the limit!  

Love  creates  reality! 

When you truly love, you can transform your life into a happy, grateful experience.

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